Naughty Donuts - Random

Naughty Donuts

“We got donuts for my son to bring to school for his sixth birthday.”

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Clothing Optional - AFP Hall Of Fame

Clothing Optional

“This is a photo of my family.  There’s plenty going on in this, but the best part is that the photographer positioned me, in a shoulder-baring black shirt behind my black haired mother… immortalizing me on my parent’s wall as the weird naked girl photobombing this family picture.”

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The Freebie - Dad

The Freebie

“This photo belongs to the category of ‘Dads who wear any free t=shirt they are given.’ My dad loves to work on his truck or in the garden wearing this shirt. He has no idea what it means. I laugh every time he wears it. He always asks me what ‘Tantric’ means but,  I just tell him to google it.”

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Flamingowear - Couples


“Our formal night on the Carnival Sensation.”

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Copy Kiss 2 - Kids

Copy Kiss 2

“The four-year-old flower girl’s surprise kiss stole the spotlight at her mom’s wedding.”

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Refrigerator Editorial - Dad

Refrigerator Editorial

“I sent this picture to most of my family. I just noticed what my dad did to the fridge in the background. My brother’s name is Nate and my name is Nick.”

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The Yard - Grandma

The Yard

“My grandmother. She told me she had no idea who the guy was and said ‘That’s a lesson.'”

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