Baby Doubtfire - Kids

Baby Doubtfire

“My friend’s baby pictures look like Mrs. Doubtfire.”

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The Cemetery Model - Kids

The Cemetery Model

“My mom used to force me to ‘model’ and strike a pose anywhere, even when were were visiting a cemetery. Needless to say, she was a quirky stage mother.”

(submitted by Priscilla)

Hitting The Skids - Kids

Hitting The Skids

“I came across this gem going through old family pictures handed down to me. That’s my grandmother and mother with a distant relative and his son and daughter. My uncle is on the far right, understandably hiding from the camera.”

(submitted by Trevor) 

Pumpkin Hunter - Halloween

Pumpkin Hunter

“Tried to take a nice picture of my daughter carving her first pumpkin.”

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For The Articles - Kids

For The Articles

“A page from my grade one journal. Rest in peace, Hef.”

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The Thinker - Kids

The Thinker

“This kid is going places.”

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New BFF - Kids


“My son found this at a family get-together.”

(submitted by Jennifer)

Pooped - Kids


“This is a picture of my cousin when she was about 3 sitting on our grandmother’s toilet during potty training. Sometimes they were very long days.”

(submitted by Carley) 

Playground Traffic Jam - Kids

Playground Traffic Jam

“I tried to get a pic of my daughters on the slide.”

(submitted by Amy)

Bad News - Kids

Bad News

“My sister just told her kids they’re expecting a third child.”

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